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Demystifying counselling: counsellors voices across the UK

At the weekend I stepped right out of my comfort zone to take part in a UK-wide project that aims to help the general public better understand counselling by giving counsellors a voice to explain what we want the world to know about the profession that we’re passionate about. Maria Albertsen of Counsellors Together UK is visiting towns and cities across the UK to film counsellors at recognisable landmarks to give real geographical context to the project.

The first stop on the CTUK Video Tour was Edinburgh, and that’s why I found myself at the top of Calton Hill on a cold, blowy, wet Sunday. Those who know me well know how out of character that is for me! I am a self-confessed fairweather outdoor person. Cold, wind and rain is not my favourite weather! So it takes something really important for me to endure being outside, up a hill, in the middle of the great Scottish winter. Early rises on a Sunday aren’t my usual habit either. And as for being in front of a video camera?...well, it’s not really where I’m at my most relaxed. So ~ bearing all these obstacles in mind ~ why did I do it?

The answer's simple: I did it so I could let people know about why I love what I do and about the benefits of counselling in lots of different life circumstances. Maria is asking two questions ~ “what does counselling mean to you?” and “what’s one thing you wish people knew about counselling?” Check out the video to hear my answers.

I’m so glad that I embraced the experience. It was the perfect opportunity to share some real positives about counselling and contribute to a big picture that I hope will encourage people to try counselling as an act of selfcare. It genuinely can change lives.

Visit CTUK’s YouTube Channel for other videos from the Video Tour. If you are interested in counselling with me, or would like to chat about collaboration, supervision, facilitation or training visit my Contact page to get in touch.

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