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RElationship counselling


“The relationship therapist facilitates a meeting between different

people who may be caught in complex habits and troubled by

years of not feeling understood by one another.”, Charles O’Leary.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is a space where two or more people speak together with their counsellor to work through difficulties in their relationship. These might be big, make-or-break issues; smaller, more minor problems that have gone unresolved for months or years; or communication difficulties and misunderstandings. The process helps you and the others in the relationship  to understanding the problems and predicaments that are making their relationship difficult.


How can it help us?
When you're in the thick of something difficult or painful in a relationship it can be hard to see how the problems can be fixed. And it can be difficult to understand how they happen and why they keep happening. Relationship counselling can help everyone in the relationship to hear each other. It can help everyone to understand each other better and, importantly, to understand themselves and their own impact on the relationship.

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Pic credit: John Hain ~ Pixabay

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Who can have relationship counselling?

Although relationship counselling is still  mostly understood as 'marriage counselling', 'couples counselling' or ‘marriage guidance’ - something that married couples and intimate partners try when their relationship becomes stormy - there are many other relationships in your life that can also benefit from relationship counselling:

  • Parent-child relationships (I work with parents and their adult children age 18+)

  • Sibling relationships

  • Friendships

  • Work relationships

  • Other family relationships

What will we talk about?

People come to relationship counselling for all sorts of reasons, so what you talk about is driven by these issues. Everyone will have the space to tell their stories about what the issues are from their own perspectives. And we will explore each person’s stories - their thoughts and feelings about these issues and how they impact on the relationship. You may discover that everyone in the relationship wants different things, and counselling can create the space for everyone to be heard and think about how you all want to move forward.

What does the counsellor do?

As your relationship counsellor I am multipartial - I care for each person in the relationship equally. I facilitate a process of sharing, listening and understanding. My aim is to help each person to hear and better understand the other(s) in the relationship, and well as helping them to gain a better understanding of themselves within that relationship too. 


I don’t have any agenda or preconceived ideas about what the outcome of your counselling will be, and I have no expectation of what a ‘right’ outcome looks like. What I can do is to help you to work through whatever outcome that is.

How will we know if it's right for us?

If you would like to discuss how relationship counselling might be helpful for one of your relationships contact me here.


£65 per 50-minute session

Longer sessions can be agreed by arrangement (fees will be altered accordingly).

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