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successful private practice

Friday 28th ~ Saturday 29th February 2020

Your investment: 2 days ~ £150 or attend one day ~ £85


The Therapy Workshop - Room 5

9B East Bridge Street




Who is it for?

This workshop is for both newly qualified and experienced counsellors who are

considering setting up in private practice, or who are in the early stages of that journey

who want to:

  • Develop a more positive mindset and increase your confidence in your ability to be a successful private practitioner

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and explore ways to change these

  • Identify some occupational hazards of counselling and develop your own self-care plan

  • Learn the ‘boring but necessary’ practicalities of setting up your practice.

  • Learn the benefits of ‘putting yourself out there’ and learn ways to do that confidently and ethically.

What will you learn?


Day 1 ~ Mindset Matters: Grow Your Private Practice Confidence

We’ll explore what success means to you and work on increasing your confidence by:

  • Setting your realistic individual framework for success

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and fears

  • Identifying barriers to setting up or growing your practice

  • Planning how you could overcome these barriers.

  • Occupational hazards and selfcare


Day 2 ~ Build Strong Foundations: Getting Off to a Good Start

We'll look at the business practicalities and how to get yourself ‘out there’:

  • Legal and ethical requirements ~ including who needs to know you’re in business? What do you have to have in place?

  • Where to practice ~ the pros and cons of working in various premises; 

  • How to get yourself out there ~ branding, marketing and ways to create an impact to help clients find you

Why is this a two-day event?

The two-day format is designed to give you a broad understanding of what it’s like to set up in private practice and help you think about the internal and external factors that can impact your success. It separates the mindset and motivation from the practical aspects by tackling these on two separate days. However, if only one of the days feels relevant, you can sign up for just that one.

Why should you choose this workshop? 

I aim to give current and relevant insights into how you can create a successful private practice on your own terms.  By exploring both individual mindset and some practicalities of setting up a small counselling business it offers a broad view of what successful private practice can be for you.  


After the workshop participants can join my Successful Private Practice Academy Facebook group for continued peer support and information. There’s also the opportunity for individual support and mentoring through the six-month Steps to Success programme for an additional cost.


I have first-hand, current and relevant experience of successful private practice. I have grown my private practice from part-time to full-time in just over three years - two years earlier than I planned. From two clients in my first week in March 2016, I now see between 15-20 clients per week, facilitate workshops and am currently a


How do you register?

Tickets are available from Eventbrite:



Any other questions?

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