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Data Protection and Privacy Policy


I, Antonia Higgins, am registered with the Information Commissioners Office as the data controller for Tranquillo Counselling.


I collect and hold only the data about you that I need to in order to provide a safe service. This data is not shared with anyone without your prior knowledge and consent, unless I am in a position where I have a obligation to report due to legal reasons or because of duty of care of e.g. imminent danger to self or others; suspicion of abuse of a child; knowledge of a crime that is about to take place. In any of these instances I would not require your consent to share this information, though would always attempt to ensure your knowledge of the process.


This data is part of our contract. The contract (which is on paper) is held securely in a locked cabinet to which only I have access.


Contact details


I ask you to provide contact details - name, address, date of birth, phone/mobile number and email address - and your GPs details on the contract that you sign at the beginning of counselling.


Contact details allow me to get in touch with you about, for example, changes to appointment times, cancellations, or appointments you haven't attended.


GPs details are useful for me to have should there be a point where I must speak to your GP about concerns for your personal safety. I would not contact your GP without your knowledge.


Phone numbers are stored in the passcode-protected smartphone I use specifically for work purposes, using a first name and, occasionally, a second initial if further identification is needed (e.g. if I have multiple clients with the same first name).



Client Notes


I keep brief handwritten notes of our sessions. These notes may contain information that is deemed sensitive by the Information Commissioner's Office (e.g. about mental health conditions, sexuality, gender, religious beliefs). Only initials and a client number are used on these notes, which are kept separately from your contract. These notes are held securely in a locked cabinet to which only I have access. 


I will keep these notes for three years after the end of your counselling process and after three years the notes will be shredded. However, in the case of children (under 18) I have a legal obligation to keep client notes for seven years from the 18th birthday, at which time these notes will be shredded. 


If You Don't Consent


If you do not consent to Tranquillo Counselling collecting and holding this data I will not be able to work with you. This is a decision I make to protect your safety. My duty of care means it would be unsafe and unethical of me to work with a client for whom I held no information.


Right to Access Data


You have a right to access the data Tranquillo Counselling holds on you. To do this email Antonia Higgins at Data held will be passed to you within a month.


Right of Erasure


You have right to request that Tranquillo Counselling delete your personal data. The decision about whether I can comply with this request will take into account any legal requirements I must meet about keeping specific data (e.g. regarding a child's counselling process).


Website Cookies


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For more information about cookies and instructions on deleting them, please click the "Use of Cookies" link at the bottom of the page.

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