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Selfcare September

Are you up for the #SelfcareSeptember challenge?

Autumn is approaching. The nights are drawing in. As the weather changes and starts keeping us indoors, we begin to feel like we never see the light of day. It can be a difficult time of year.

So what better time to think about looking after yourself more? Selfcare - finding something to do every day that nourishes your mind, body and spirit and helps keep you well - is important all year round, but perhaps even more important in the long dark months of autumn and winter.

What's the #SelfcareSeptember challenge?

It's not difficult. Every day in the month of September do something to improve your wellbeing then share it with me on social media using the #SelfcareSeptember hashtag.

What you do is up to you: it could be five minutes gazing out of the window while enjoying a cup of tea,10 minutes reading a book, half an hour of enjoying a hot bath, an hour of yoga, a couple of hours watching a movie. Or it could be a practical thing that will help free space in your mind or your life: writing a todo list, rearranging a cupboard, cooking or baking, weeding the garden. The only rule is that it's something that you want to do, not something that you "have to" do or "should" do. Because "have to" and "should" are not about caring for yourself - they're usually about caring for other people or worrying about other people's judgements of us.

By the end of September you will have made time to do 30 things to care for yourself and improve your wellbeing and, hopefully, will have created a habit that will carry on into the future. If you don't manage one every day don't worry. The fact that you notice this means you are heading in the right direction. Just promise to give yourself some more "you time" on another day.

I'd love to see everyone's selfcare ideas and hope you'll share them with me on:

Twitter - @Me_Tranquillo

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