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Reiki sharing - kindness, generosity and giving

Last night I took another step into the world of reiki when I took part in my first 'reiki share' - where reiki practitioners get together to share experiences and give and receive reiki. I felt drawn to the idea of the reciprocal kindness and generosity of spirit of this type of gathering. This lovely experience was made more warm, intimate and welcoming by being in a group member's home. It was cosy and relaxing - a perfect space for it.

Those of you who have read my previous blog - 'Reiki and being person-centred' may remember my inner conflict between scepticism and curiosity. I had left my experience of Reiki 1 still holding onto both these things, and not feeling confident that I could put it to any use. Reflecting on my previous experience, I realised I'd had a feeling of increased wellness afterwards - I felt less stress for a couple of days, slept well and generally felt at peace with myself. So last night was another try at getting in touch with those benefits and building more confidence to use reiki on others.

Beginning with a short meditation to tune us into ourselves we then chose angel cards to see if there were any messages that were relevant. The one I chose was about nurturing children and my inner child, which is very significant for me right now and carried on from the theme of the angel card I chose in Reiki 1, which also mentioned children. Children are close to my heart, so it's perhaps not surprising that messages about them always feel important.

During my attunement performed by the Reiki Master I felt calm and peaceful and again experienced the weird sensation of my fingertips being 'stuck' together as if by some magnetic force. I have no idea how this happens - the more scientific, rational side of me can't explain it - but the sensation is very real. It's a warm and pleasant feeling.

I both gave and received reiki during the share, and both of those these things felt easier this time. I think Reiki 1 and the chakra yoga workshop that I took part in shortly afterwards have probably me more comfortable with the philosophies behind reiki and - dare I admit - have given me more of a belief in the power of reiki for improving wellbeing.

While giving reiki I was very aware of pulsing and floating sensations through my hands, and heat resonating from some chakral areas and cold from others. These sensations were much stronger than anything I had felt during my first experience. Likewise, when I was the 'willing guinea pig' I was aware of feeling intense heat from my head and face and - while someone was working on my crown chakra - a bubble of brilliant white light behind my eyes. And when my feet were being worked in a hands-on way I had tingling, pins-and-needles sensations in my feet and heavy legs.

So what have I been left with after this reiki share? Well, I've been left knowing that I'd like to dig into it a bit more. I know it's not for everyone, and that I will come up against scepticism (probably even from myself at times!) I'm certainly going to go back to my Reiki 1 workbook and read it again. I'd like to familiarise myself with the rituals and the language more. And then I may even offer to try it on some friends to see if they feel any benefits. As to whether reiki will ever find its way into my professional practice, that remains to be seen. But as a person-centred practitioner I remain open to the needs of my clients and using what they feel will work for them. So who knows what the future will hold...?

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