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UPDATE: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Contingency Plans ~Tranquillo Counselling

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Friday 20th March 2020

As of today, I will be offering all counselling sessions online by video, or by telephone. This feels like the safest and most sensible option in light of the current social distancing advice.

Things are feeling very difficult for most of us at the moment, and I want to remind you that selfcare is essential to help us through. Whatever form that takes for you, please try to find the time to practice it daily.

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As a counsellor my clients health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to me, so I have developed a contingency plan to ensure that clients and potential clients can continue to access counselling at this difficult and uncertain time.

Currently I will continue to offer face-to-face sessions at Tranquillo Counselling’s premises in Falkirk for any clients who want to continue with this and who are physically well and who are following the health advice.

For clients who are self-isolating, or who want to minimise social contact, I will offer video or telephone counselling.

I trust that you will follow current NHS advice and:

  • if you have knowingly been to an affected area in the last 14 days

  • have had contact with someone with Coronavirus and

  • you have a cough, fever or shortness of breath

that you will contact me to make an alternative arrangement or to cancel face to face appointments.

**Please note that my 24-hour cancellation policy still applies.**

Likewise, should I have to self-isolate I will contact my clients as soon as I am aware of this to discuss alternative arrangements or cancel appointments.

I will of course be keeping up to date with NHS advice and acting accordingly, so please look out for updates and changes to this plan. I will keep my current clients informed individually.

Please do what you can to stay well. Follow medical advice, look for the silver linings and do what you can to remain hopeful.

You can find up-to-date advice here:

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